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Join us for Worship in the Goshen Sanctuary at 11 am on Sunday, 10 am Sunday School 

(Masks are optional if you have been fully vaccinated.  If you have not been vaccinated, please wear a mask.)


 10:00am               Sunday School

 11:00am                         Worship



 6:30pm          Adult Bible Study CANCELLED TEMPORARILY


Please use the comments area to add your prayer request (see the guidelines below).  All posts are approved before they are released.

May God Bless You!

We at Goshen Baptist Church care about your prayer requests.  If your prayer request is NOT published please read over  your request to see if you are praying for God's will.   We pray for God's Will to be done in ALL things and that He will guide us in what to do next and we thank Him for His Presence and help in good times and bad.


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  • billy and barbara edwards (Monday, September 26 22 05:54 pm EDT)

    hello goshen thanks for all the prayers i am still having right eoot problems doctor said to stay off so i am home watching tv and doing just what the doctor says again thanks for all and miss you guys

  • Aaron (Saturday, August 27 22 10:51 am EDT)

    Important Prayer Needs:
    Please pray for the recovery and healing of my friend Alan whom is in a hospital that he recovers and heals completely.
    Please pray for an office assistant for her salvation and blessings.
    Please pray for the health, safety, and protection and the Gospel evangelism of myself and my wife.
    Thank you and God bless you in Jesus Christ and I am praying for you all, as well.

  • Stephen M Grigsby (Saturday, August 20 22 06:39 am EDT)

    Please, maintain this prayer request for some time on behalf of the following in Christ that the will best the world's pitfalls whether it be in man's approval, late mental growth, or misunderstanding truth for reinterpretation by Hollywood's show. May the people find creative miracles to work with every organization even just by praying, becayse bnot all of us can be activists. Jesus loves prayer warriors asthey can part the sea in two beyond effort and planning in hHis awesome might.

  • Aaron (Saturday, July 30 22 11:52 pm EDT)

    God bless you all in Jesus Christ. Please pray for these important prayer needs:
    1 For my friend Alan who needs recovery and healing from illness.
    2 For my evangelism Gospel outreach to people and for my safety, health, and protection, and blessing.
    3 For a sister in Christ to be able to move into a new home that is secure, safe, and stable, and get the resources and help she needs.

    Thank you and God bless you in Jesus Christ.

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