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  • billy and barbara edwards (Sunday, March 22 20 08:58 am EDT)

    would like to pray for everyone to be safe and to do what is right so that we could get the lords forgivness to get the world back on tract for him and everybody stay safe and god bless

  • Pamela Bailey (Monday, March 02 20 08:25 pm EST)

    Can. You pray for me that God is going to do a miracle in my situation my husband left and filed for divorce. He took all our money that was in the joint bank account. I been having a hard time.
    Thank Pamela Bailey

  • John N (Saturday, February 29 20 09:35 pm EST)

    Thank you for coming alongside me in prayer. Please pray for my health and back. I feel like I'm at a breaking point and desperately need God's healing power and provision. God bless

  • Brenda Sivilma (Monday, February 17 20 03:04 am EST)

    Pray for healing for me. Please. I'm going through so much depressing after my divorce. Pray for me. Gods’ will be done. Please. I need peace. I’m worn. I need a new beginning in Gods’ will.

  • Seth (Sunday, February 09 20 11:44 pm EST)

    I’m currently struggling a lot with debt, and low cash flow. I recently moved to the east coast for a new job, had to get an apartment, and had two monthly payments back to back because I started mid-month. Please pray for the Lord’s provision, and wisdom on how to get through this. I am considering working with a debt consolidation organization named NDR. Please pray that the Lord will provide clarity on whether it is wise for me to pursue this direction. I don’t like how I would have to treat the creditors in order to go through the debt consolidation process. I want to be able to show God’s love and faithfulness to all the parties involved, but I still need to do what will work for myself as well. Pray for God’s wisdom, grace and forgiveness.

  • Steve Murray (Monday, February 03 20 12:11 am EST)

    I am declaring bankruptcy and its really scary I wanted you to pray that God will make a way out financially from this debt burden. Pray for Gods divine mercy.
    God bless.

  • William R Haun Jr (Sunday, February 02 20 04:26 pm EST)

    Pray for healing, difficulty, and miracle concerns. Pray for peace, that I'd surrender control to God in all areas always, leave results to Him, for angelic protection/ministry, and for an overwhelming breakthrough in my prayer life. I need to come before God's throne with boldness and confidence. Petition God for this to happen, to settle conscience issues favorably, for faith concerns, that I'd trust God's faithfulness and immutability, and for unspoken requests. Ask the Lord to address friendship concerns. Thanks.

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