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  9:45am Sunday School

11:00am Worship*

12:00Noon Adult Choir*

  6:00pm Adult Bible



  6:00pm Church Supper

  6:30pm Kids’ / Teen Activities

  6:45pm Adult Bible Study*

   *Nursery or Child Care

     available on request.


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Earth Day 2018 was a success!


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Free subscription to the Bibical Recorder

Women on Mission Donut Sale & Quilt Raffle

Donut Sale / Quilt Raffle

Women on mission appreciates your participation in the donut sales and the quilt raffle.

Our proceeds were $710.50 from the donut sale, and $500.00 for the quilt raffle.

This allows us to purchase 4 treadle water pumps at $300.00 each.

Thanks for all your help!

Women on Mission Hands-on Project Day

“Thomasville Baptist Children’s Home”

Woman on Missions of Goshen Baptist Church will be traveling to Thomasville on Friday September 11, 12, 2015 for a hands on mission project.


Thomasville Baptist Children Home is in much need of organization of the clothes closet. Many have donate clothing, shoes and other items but they need to be sorted, sized and hung. This will help when then need an item. They would be able to fine items easier and quicker and make better use of what they have.

We are extended an offer to all adults, women and man of Goshen to go with us.

Many hands are needed to do as much as we can in the time we will be there.

Men with electric or hand saws, power tools and hands willing to help are also needed.

Lodging will be on site at a cottage for volunteers. We will meet at Church on Friday 11 at 9:00 AM. We will have pray and leave for Thomasville. We should arrive around two or three.

One group with building skills and tools will see what is needed to make use of storage and space available and the best way to increase storage.

Another group will start sorting clothing and items to see what is usable and place on hangers and trash soiled and unusable items.

We will work till about 10:00 PM Friday night, have breakfast Saturday morning, clean/check out of cottage and work till 3 or 4 Saturday afternoon and should be back at Goshen 8 or 9 Saturday night.

Transportation, lodging, food, clothes rack, clothes hangers trash bags, and building supplies will be provided and/or purchased at no cost to volunteers.

Please, drop a note in offering plate or contact Donna Futreal at church or call the church office at (910-371-6899).

We need to know no later than Sunday August 30 2015.

Pray about this and come join us for a hands on mission project.

God is Good!

Donna Futreal


Women on Mission Project Day

On Saturday, July 19, the Ladies sewed Manna Bags and filled them for the homeless folks in our area. We had a great time of fellowship, fun, and refreshments. If you missed this Project Day, don't worry you can join us for the next one on Saturday, September 13.  We have child care available for those of you with little ones, just call the church at (910)-371-6899 and let us know.

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